Asian Migration and Global Cities: An Introduction to Mapping and Data Visualization


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Visualizing historic LA in 3D (kml)

historic LA

Disaster mapping (Haiyan | Japan)




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Hands on:

Social Explorer

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Collaborative mapping with Google Maps Engine

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  1. Get in groups of 2
  2. Choose a district in Ho Chi Minh City (ex. District 1, Binh Thanh) for your collaborative map:
  3. Discuss and agree on a topic/idea for your collaborative map (ex. Food vendors, motorcycle taxis, pedestrian flows)
  4. Decide on what each person will be tasked to map

Google Maps Engine notes

  1. Log in to Google Maps Engine with your Google account
  2. Click on the green SHARE button on the top right, and add/invite your group partner
  3. Define your area of interest and create a polygon
  4. Explore the area and identify and add additional lines, points and polygons of interest, adding images and descriptions along the way