Use 360° Photos to Create a “Tiny Planet”

This tutorial will show you how to take 360° photos or video and create a “tiny planet” effect using a free mobile app. In it you lean how to turn standard panoramas into miniature “planets” that really have the “wow” factor.

Start by downloading the 360° image below from here onto your phone. Open the link on your phone, tap and hold on the picture, save it to your phone’s photo album

Next, go to the app store on your phone and get the THETA+ app for free. Once it’s downloaded, launch the app.


The app will automatically present you with photos in your phone that are suitable for making a tiny planet.

Select the image you want by tapping it.

You know that you’ve selected an image when the little purple check mark appears in the left corner.

Click “Edit a still image” to begin making your tiny planet.

You will be presented with a spherical view of your image.

Click the THETA+ button at the bottom center of your screen to see your options.


  • up
  • down
  • left
  • right

…to adjust the look of your tiny planet.

See the last of these slides for an example of what the final product should look like.