Beyond the Digitized Slide: The Mapping Edition

Welcome to the Hands-on Mapping Portion of this year’s Getty Summer Institute!

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 “What is a map? What is in a map? How do you map?”

In the Humanities, mapping can be defined in so many different ways, there is no easy answer to these questions. In fact, your research can dictate the parameter of choices that define your map. Below are a few examples of just how multi-faceted mapping can be for the humanities, and how the digital can help scope and develop innovative approaches to projects. How then might your project utilize these tools?

Mapping Maps

ESRI Story Map: | port data

2015-07-09 17_24_54-Ancient Port Tour

Mapbox: | port data

2015-07-09 18_03_50-Mapbox _ Design and publish beautiful maps

GoogleEarth: | coin data

2015-07-09 17_55_41-Greenshot image editor

NYPL map warper:

2015-07-09 18_08_31-NYPL Map Warper_ Viewing Map 17518

CartoDB: | coin data

2015-07-09 17_50_57-CoinHoards

Visualizing Data

Google Fusion Tables: | coin data

2015-07-09 18_14_17-S Coupland Carolingian Hoards - AD 751-987vAlbert - Google Fusion Tables

Palladio: | ship wreck data

2015-07-09 18_38_08-Palladio

Timelines and Maps


2015-07-09 18_42_34-JewishOrg

Timeline JS: