The Los Angeles Million Dollar Hoods is a project showing how much neighborhoods have spent on incarceration from 2010 to 2017 based off of LA Sheriff’s Department booking logs.

The LA Million Dollar Neighborhood Project is inspired by the Chicago Million Dollar Blocks Project, which displays offenses in Chicago’s block group, and how the city can use alternative methods to reduce the incarceration rate.

 The LA Million Dollar Neighborhood Project shows the race, gender, and types of crimes committed in each neighborhood, when they were committed and how much the neighborhoods have spent over the past 5 years on incarceration. Almost half of the LA neighborhoods have spent over 1 million dollars on incarceration, the image above shows the neighborhoods in red which have spent over 5 million dollars on incarceration. The goal is to show how much of tax payers income is being spent on this and how communities can come together to work on comprehensive solutions to aid in reducing the incarceration rate and have the money be used on other programs such as education, transportation, or energy and environment.

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